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Bi-Fold Doors

Higher Standards for Higher Profits.

The big-box retail giants now dominate the bi-fold door market and have driven prices into the ground. Many dealers and distributors have walked away from the bi-fold business altogether.  But the business is still there are profits can still be had! With the offering from the retail stores being quite limited and continuing to shrink, the opportunity to take the business back is right in front of us!

Square One offers a complete line of bi-fold doors – a style to match every one of our product lines.  Our 1 3/8″ this clear vertical grain bi-fold door will truly set you apart from the big retailers and your competitors.

The vast majority of new home projects and most remodel projects include bi-fold doors. And for those willing to step up to the quality of solid wood doors will most assuredly not want the home center quality bi-fold doors sold by the big retailers.  Isn’t it time we bring the bi-fold door business home?