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Stile & Rail Doors

More Than You Expect, Less Than You Think

Everyone will agree that adding solid wood doors goes a long way toward turning a house into a home. Nothing can add warmth to a space like the natural beauty of of wood. Somehow, the look and feel of a genuine wood doors strike comfort into your heart and soul.

Just imagine what could be accomplished if the raw material in your wood door was selected from some of the finest pine in the world. And those raw materials were worked buy the best craftsmen in South America. Our top quality veneers are hand selected and color matched to assure even grain and color consistency. And these top quality materials are assembled in a state of the art factory with the finest tooling, machinery and craftsmen available.

This craftsmanship and material selection is offered in more than 125 styles of doors. 100% of the lumber is FSC certified and comes from well managed forest. All of the lumber is dried in energy conserving greenhouses to assure the perfect moisture content and eliminate the need for chemicals. With Square One you can once again you can have pride and confidence in your product line.