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Worker Safety

Personal safety and good human relations were a major concern for us when looking for a factory. Happy workers build better doors! The factories we purchase from have some of the strictest personal standards in the industry.  After the recruitment and hiring process is where the real work begins. The factories recognize the value of the company as being the employees. As such, they have developed systems and program for a through training process for each job in the factory. Systems are in place to optimize commitment and performance and enhance the understanding of satisfying the needs of its customers. Motivational and promotional policies abound. All aimed at the integration of the workers into the family type atmosphere. This is accomplished through the celebration of festivals, social clubs and company events.

Career Planning programs allow employee growth through internal promotion and salary increases based on performance.  Safety programs ensure the employee’s welfare and service providers. This is done by preparing, implementing and monitoring technical safety standards, training, communication, emergency drills, CIPA and SIPAT.

These programs aim to promote and maintain the good physical, mental and social health of the employees in order to prevent accidents whether work related or not. Among the activities highlighted: Workplace Exercise, Clinical and Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Phonoaudiology with Initial and Periodic Examinations and Dental Care.